Discover Local Treasures & Antiques

Our store has many one-of-a-kind treasures from home cleanouts throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Everything is priced thriftily, and we have extraordinary items: vintage furniture, antiques, wearables, collectibles…

Below are some photos of merchandise sold through our Thrift Store. Take a peek! 

You can also check out the rotating inventory for sale in our Thrift Store in Golden Valley. Check our Facebook page for a glimpse of the treasures that await you!

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Sign up for weekly treasure updates from our store!

Types of Treasures You May Find

To Feather your Nest 

We are known for being a place where strange and extraordinary items wash up, looking for a new owner.

Empty the Nest Thrift Store Furniture


Elegant mahogany tables, glass tables, spindly iron lamps, china, vintage silk tapestry couches…there is no end to the styles and textures we have to offer.

Empty the Nest Thrift Store - Unexpected Treasures

Unexpected Treasures

We have an incredible range of unique treasures collected from our local home cleanouts in the local Twin Cities area.

Empty the Nest Thrift Store Antiques


You might find an exceptional ring, engraved salt and pepper shakers, old-school toys, christmas ornaments… 

Empty the Nest Thrift Store Home Supplies

Home Goods

Looking to save money and buy lightly-used, high-quality home goods, appliances, and electronics? It’s a great idea to look here first! 

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