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A Time to Let Go: How to Handle Cleaning Out Your Parents’ Home

By Sharon Kadet

It’s as inevitable as death, taxes and Minnesota winters: At some point most of us will likely have to clear out a parent’s home.

And on the list of “must do’s”, cleaning out your parent’s home often rises to the top of the “most stressful” column. Having gone through this myself, I feel an instant rapport with each family that has to move a parent to assisted living, or clear out a home after a parent has died. There is a certain compassion we share with each other, once we’ve gone through this process ourselves.

"Every box is like a time capsule” says owners of Empty the Nest, which provides home clean out services and a thrift store in Golden Valley.

It’s a hard truth that the family typically needs to get rid of 95 percent of their parents’ stuff. While many objects have sentimental value, you can’t just bring everything into your own house. Adding to your load may not be what’s best. Rest assured, there are people in your community that have wants and needs and they can enjoy these things in their home.

Here is some guidance to help you get through it:

1. Keep the end in mind. The goal is to empty the house — as soon as you sell it, you can avoid monthly expenses.

2. Know what you want and why. Look for items with a story, or things that your parents really valued. But only keep things that you have room for and would use. Even better if the items you keep are small, personal and useful.

3. Remember: You’re family. Try not to focus on who keeps what, but that valued keepsakes stay in the family.

4. Hire help. Doing it yourself is not for everyone. For example, Empty the Nest combines everything that needs to be done to empty a house into an efficient process that maximizes reuse and minimizes waste.

5. Beware: your stuff is probably not worth what you think! You may not get the highest price. Keep your goals in mind and work with a business that will help you achieve them.

6. Buy yourself peace. Work with people you can trust and who have compassion for the situation. The right partner will have a process that not only achieves your goals but also benefits the greater community. It’s worth the money to simplify the process.

7. Remind yourself that you will always have what’s important: Your memories. This is the time to let it go.

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