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We welcome your comments!

Here’s what a few of our many satisfied home clean out clients have said about Empty the Nest. If you’d like to send us your comments, please email us. We would love to hear from you.


We could not have been more pleased with the service provided by Empty the Nest. My mother passed away in mid-September, 2018, and we needed to clean out her apartment by the end of October. To complicate matters, we were away for the first 10 days of October, so had a very short time frame to get everything done. We worked on donating what we could, but there was still lots of furniture and other items that we were not going to be able to deal with in time. We were all set to have movers take it all to a storage garage and then deal with getting rid of it from there.

We learned about Empty the Nest at the eleventh hour from a neighbor. We'd driven by their location many times, but weren't personally aware of their services. Sharon Kadet was able to come out and give us a quote to get the apartment emptied out. And, Empty the Nest was able to fit us into their schedule to meet our end of October deadline. The crew only needed about two hours and got everything moved out! We are confident we could never have done this all by ourselves.

We would highly recommend Empty the Nest to anyone who needs to get a home or apartment cleaned out whatever their circumstances.

Gary & Margaret


I want to begin with a huge "Thank You" to all the people at "Empty the Nest". What we experienced with the service that you provided was beyond what we ever expected. I cannot express enough what a fantastic organization you have.The process of taking on such a huge project has been a bit overwhelming to our family and you made everything seem effortless. All your hard work, efficiency, and professionalism was evident from the get go. We cannot thank you enough.

Sharon Kadet, who we initially met and bid the house, was very courteous and thorough with everything she explained to us. When you are going through something like this ( getting rid of a life time of treasures in your family home) it is very consoling to have someone so kind, caring and professional all in one.

Amy, the "Lead" who was there on day one of the project had such organization skills of the whole project and her honesty was so greatly appreciated. She came to us with a "large sum of cash" that our father had hidden and that we obviously didn't know about. She immediately gave it to the owner, Sharon Fischman, and they contacted us with the news. Imagine our surprise! How unbelievable. It would have been so easy to have kept the money, but their integrity was obviously much more important to them. Thank you so very much for being such great people, every single one of the people that worked on our project. It was a pleasure for us to give you the extra money that was found, as you all deserve it!

Jason P.


Many thanks for coming out to meet with us this morning. I especially appreciate you risking life and limb, trying to get up the driveway!You have lifted a huge weight off my mind by taking on our job. Everything has happened so quickly. My mother became ill at the end of July, and was gone October 23. Between her precipitous decline and the rapidity with which we sold the house (about 12 hours after listing it), I haven't had much time to process it all. But it's getting more difficult as we get closer to turning over the house (my mother and I were very close). I just can't tell you what a relief it is to get this final piece in place. You lifted my spirits and eased my anxiety about getting everything done by closing. Did I say thank you...?! Thank you, thank you! Blessings to you -- have a great day, knowing you made mine!



I picked up a copy of the Star Tribune "Good Life" publication at a local coffee shop, and saw the article about you. I am SO GLAD to read that you are still in business and doing well!!!!!! We used your services about 3 1/2 years ago, after the sudden death of my Minneapolis sister-in-law (Lauren Maker). Lauren had a lot of stuff packed in to that house and garage -- and a basement packed full of paperwork from her former legal practice. We worked with Sharon, and her true respect and kindness and compassion for the predicament we were in was so far beyond going "the extra mile". Wow. And the crew, also. We had been working so hard, and feeling like the house-emptying would never actually end, and then here came this team of rubber-gloved, tool-toting, garbage-bag carrying, facemask-wearing Hero Angels. You remain our Hero Angels. We are so very happy that your business is successful enough to still be in business. It's certainly not a need that will go away any time soon! Thank you for taking good care of us, and for doing your work with caring and compassion and respect.

Shelly B.


Did a great job moving the remainder of my Mom's stuff out. They were pleasant, friendly, and very efficient. It's nice to know some of the stuff will be used by others who need it as well!

Debbie D.


I want to express our family's appreciation for a job well done by the Empty the Nest crew that did the clean-out work at my mom's home last week. They worked so quickly and efficiently and got the job done in one day instead of the possible day and one-half that was anticipated. It was so great to see so much going in the truck instead of the dumpster and know it will be reused or recycled!! We will highly recommend your service to anyone facing the challenge of a home clean-out!

Barb B.


My name is Anna and I bought a portable dishwasher from you about two weeks ago. We paid $25 for the dishwasher and $10 for a replacement cord piece/plug for the damaged cord and for an adapter for our faucet to hook up the dishwasher. Total of $35 for probably the best deal I have gotten on an appliance. It runs beautifully, was so clean inside, and my dishes sparkle! You could have asked for so much more money but I know that is the point of your business, to keep things affordable. I have told everyone that comes over where I bought it and for what price and no one can believe it, they want to know whats wrong with it. When they are convinced the next question is where is this place? I can’t thank you enough. I called about the dishwasher, someone called me back, I called and asked for you to hold it and you had it ready for me when I got there. I will be back and soon!! Air conditioners and kitchen faucets and dog items on my list now!!

Anna M.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with how well the move-out at my parents' apartment went on January 28th. It was such a cold day, but everyone was very upbeat and cheerful.

Jean and her crew (Julie and Amy) were great - digging right in with the packing. They had a very good eye and were really good at finding even small items that I should check out - although they all turned out to be things that I had previously decided against keeping.

The three young men (David, Jeremy and I'm not sure about the third name) arrived at my house and were SO helpful and friendly. They were very careful with the furniture and made sure I was happy with where they put everything.

It was so wonderful not to have to think about where all the remaining items would go. I know that your service has saved me hundreds of hours of work!

Thank you so much and please thank all your workers.

Esther S.


What a great job you all did at 7000 Western. The house looks wonderful. What a lot of work! Thank you so much. I would recommend your company to anyone.

I would recommend your company to anyone.

Marguerite S.


I wanted to let you know how professional and kind your team was on December 30th. Jean was just wonderful. She not only coordinate the process of packing and moving efficiently, but throughout the day she was very understanding of the emotions that I was feeling.

You are truly lucky to have such a terrific team.

Thank you for making the clearing out of my mom’s house so easy.

Best regards,


Wow, Amazing, Incredible, Impossible!!

You and your team have achieved the impossible in “emptying the nest.” My mother and father's home of 64 years, with everything saved for each of those 64 years, is completely empty. Your team descended like worker bees, each taking a room as their own, and had everything emptied out in a short period of time.

We shared laughs at the 50's hand ice crusher and the guide for the modern homemaker. I was able to detach myself from the formative years I spent in the home, and experience the great relief as the mounds of "stuff" began to disappear.

We had pre-screened for family treasures. However, we were not perfect, and each and every time a team member found something they thought was of value, they brought it to me for the ultimate decision.

In two and a half days, 64 years of accumulation was gone, soon to become treasures and create memories for a new generation.

You are incredible. I will, happily, recommend your experts to anyone.
David J.


We all appreciate the great job you did and the timely way in which you made it happen.

We took CR (my father-in-law, Dick's dad) over to the house to see everything today and he was very appreciative of the great job you did clearing and the great job Kristy did cleaning. As are DIck and I, we know it was a long day of cleaning

Thank you so much for all the great work your crew did. Everyone I talked to was so pleasant and hard working. And I was so glad you could do the clearing and arrange for the cleaning. It has been a very stressful time for the family and you made the process much easier. I will definitely let other people know about your service.

Thank you so much.
Roz S.


Let me once again thank you for the excellent job done by you and your helpers in clearing my late daughter's house at 5507 Garfield Ave South, Minneapolis. I am particularly impressed with the friendliness and efficiency in the performance by your firm. I would (and have) recommend you to anyone and would certainly use you again, should the need arise.
Keep up the good work!
John B.


"What a pleasure to work with your team today. Tracy was professional and organized. Dan and Dan were the hardest working individuals I have ever laid eyes on. They took on huge challenges and came back for more. They were delightful to work with! Thanks and once we sell the house we will be back in touch for a final pick-up."
Chris S.


"I hired Empty the Nest to clean out the "leftovers" of my house after the moving van came and went. In the weeks leading up to my move, it gave me great peace of mind to know that someone would be there to take care of that final clean out for me, since I was moving out of town the next day. And that they would do it in a way that was the least wasteful and most economical. Empty the Nesters, your service did not disappoint. You were exceedingly polite and extremely efficient as you sorted, distributed and hauled away my stuff. You have a great business model and you are great people."
Emily S.


"Just a note of thanks for the most polite, hard working and friendly group of people I had in my move and want to thank you!."
Jack C.


"They (Empty the Nest) are a model for ethical business that can do well by doing good. They are a huge value proposition for everyone they interact with, customers, clients, employees and vendors. These folks do God's work with modesty, humility, and a sense of fun and respect. Their kindness is not about bragging rights, they are authentic - doing the right thing when no one is looking. They are a bunch of angels."
Jack F.


"It was absolutely a delight to have you and your team help my family move my mom from her Caring Companions apartment to the Arbor (Memory Care Unit) this last weekend. Knowing that items we could not use would be donated or help someone else in need is a wonderful feeling. I have had the opportunity to work with Sharon over the last 4.5 years more than 5 times for various reasons. I cannot say enough about your wonderful staff and the clean out service you provide. It makes life's challenges less stressful and even fun. I have already spread the word about your clean out services and will continue to call on you when the need arises."
LuAnn Z.
Regions Hospital


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for helping me and my family move my mother's items out of her apartment. The loss of a parent is difficult enough but, to have to sell or move their belongings can be a daunting task. The service you provided was professional, organized and efficient. I happen to be at the apartment that particular day packaging up items that I wanted to keep and give to those who were close to my mom. Your caring personality and thoughtfulness was very comforting to me on that day. For that, I thank you."
Cindy K.


"At Green Lodge Designs, we specialize in taking what is nostalgic and old, and making it new again. Chairs, Coat racks, Benches, name it and we can design it!" Check us out at


"Empty the Nest was an answer to our prayers....efficiently, thoroughly, and with great compassion, cleaning out our large house, garage, and storage shed packed to the gills. They delivered what they promised within the time frame promised, and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing clean out services!"
Joni L.


"We're an elderly couple, with our name on a waiting list for an apartment in a senior assisted living facility. We have lived in our current house (900+ square feet) since 1954. We have a finished basement with multiple rooms, an ourside double garage, a leanto on the garage plus a utility shed in the back yard. They were all full of "stuff:, I (wife) am not in good health and I am the sole caregiver of my husband who is a complete invalid. There was no wa y I could start cleaning any of this out and I learned of Empty the Nest from "Gentle Transitions" It was the best money I have ever spent. I spoke with Sharon (owner & mgr) when she came earlier to survey the project. We made the agreement for 8/1/11 and she and her crew were here right on time, even though we had a cloudburst the first day. Within two days everything was empty according to agreement. I highly recommend "Empty the Nest" to anybody who wants to move, clean out or? anything along that line. They're young, with a lot of vitality, friendly, and very professional."
Genevieve D.


A wonderful letter from Helping People Help Themselves. Click here to read the entire letter.

item purchsed at the retail showroom, table before item purchsed at the retail showroom, table after

"Here are some pictures of the items I bought at your last sale. The shelf thingy with the mirrors, I call it a shaving shelf, was actually the case from an old Westinghouse radio/phonograph made in 1946. I found some pics of what it looked like originally. Someone along the line glued some mirrors on and the sign making it into a wall shelf.

Thank you
Kevin P.


“To the whole team at Empty the Nest: I just want to give a HUGE thank you for all the wonderful help that you gave me today and yesterday with emptying my house. When I was starting to feel so overwhelmed with a house full of stuff, and deciding to move out of my home, someone suggested "Empty the Nest". My prayers were answered!! I needed exactly that kind of help! You were all so respectful and kind, and I appreciate how fast and efficiently you all worked to pack up and take all the things out of my house. Sharon especially was so great to talk to, I knew I was in good hands. Chris was amazing and knew just what needed to be done. I am so glad that some of my furniture and stuff can go to help others in need. The service you provide is so great for our community and I am very, very thankful for your help at this challenging time of my life. Your organization is a family with heart!"
Sharon K.


“Empty the Nest was instrumental in helping my clients get their home ready for the market. After 40 years of accumulation, there were many items that needed to find a new home. Empty the Nest did just that. They came in hauled everything out, sent a cleaning crew in and the house was ready to put on the market by the end of the week. I would highly recommend them. They are professional, fast and personable.”
Leslie B.
Coldwell Banker Burnet


“Just wanted to thank you and the Empty the Nest crew for doing such a fantastic job on my Dad’s townhouse. I run a company and have an active family, so being able to efficiently empty my aging father’s townhome in preparation for sale was a huge relief. Your company handled everything from A to Z, and did it with a great attitude. It’s also a good feeling to know that much of my Dad’s property will be utilized by people in need. Thanks again for a job well done!!”
Rich H.
Mahtomedi, MN


"Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for the fantastic service that you provide. We very much appreciate everything that you did." Richard V.
Edina, MN


“I have worked with Empty the Nest numerous times. I recommend their clean out service to every one of my clients. It is so important to have people you can trust to do the right thing for the client. Helping homeowners with a difficult process with such kindness and care, then turning these items into useful treasures to someone new is a business with a bright future."
Dina B.
Piccadilly Estate & Moving Sales

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